A special message for Small Business Owners ….

Welcome to sixty:forty. We’re going to let you in on a little secret … we’ve been working on something BIG!

If you’re a small business owner who has big goals then this is exactly what you have been looking for. If you are – 


Wanting to move on from a self employed ‘job’ where you are both the boss and employee to a place where the income you earn is no longer dependent on only the hours YOU work


Wanting to get un-stuck so you can earn more and move forward with your business


Wanting to make more money and take more time off


Wanting to spend less time working in your business, to invest time in working ON your business

Then we have a plan to get you to where you want to be, even if you don’t know where to start –  stick around because we’ve got something special to share with you.

Over the past twenty-plus years, through our professional careers, we’ve had lots of amazing conversations with different people, all of whom wanted to start, build and grow their businesses.

But when I think back over those conversations; similar questions and roadblocks kept coming up – time and time again. To give you an idea of some of the top questions were:


What do I need to do to start a business or new product line?


Where do I start?


How do I find the time?


How can I stay on track?


Where do I find the money?


Why do I have no cash?


I’m stuck but I don’t know where to turn, let alone how to fix it?


How can I find out what’s going on around me?


Where can I find support when I need it?

Have you ever asked yourself any of those same questions?

A few years ago, we had an idea … wouldn’t it be great if there was a place where a small business owner or aspiring entrepreneur, like you,  can come to learn what they needed to know about running a business efficiently, without having to go through the school of ‘hard knocks’.

Where all learning is able to be applied immediately and it is based on what actually happens in the real world.

Where you can create new opportunity and open the doors to new capital in your business even if you aren’t sure where to start.

Where you can start, build, manage or grow your small business all with the help of industry experts?

A place where you can get advice and support – no matter where you are on your business journey; a place that can help keep you accountable and give you the best chance of achieving your dream of small business ownership – where you can take control of the future of your business and achieve huge success – all without the huge price tag or any shiny new shiny objects.

Now, this community doesn’t quite exist yet! But I’d love for you to join us as we build this amazing space.

The best thing about joining us on the ground floor is that this community will be structured around YOU and you get direct access to the resources that you can use to help you achieve your goals.

This community is being launched on the 1st October and I would love for you to join us in making this vision a reality.

What do you get?

For the early birds (that’s you!) we have a number of special treats –

In the Zone Membership at a 50% discount for the first 12 months. As a big thank you for helping us build our community and to help us test out a number of our newer features and provide your feedback, you will get our premium membership at only $149 per month.

To see what’s included, sneak a peek here
  • Premium Listing in the sixty:forty Advisor Directory including ability to upload Logo, Images, Documents and Links to Video
  • Unlimited Highlighted Services
  • Access to the Lab to review out new ideas and provide feedback.
  • Access to Offers to review new business listings looking for Provider support.
  • New opportunity email notifications
  • Option to contribute to Q&A sessions on Lab and Offers
  • Build a Business Plan for your own Business
  • Print/Produce your own Business Plan
  • Access to sixty:forty Live Events for you and your team
  • Access to sixty:forty Engage Facebook Group and Online Community
  • Customer Support via Community, Email and Live Chat during Membership
  • sixty:forty TV for quick, fun videos sharing simple how-to’s so you can build content on your own channels or embed in client communication.
  • Full Access to the Hub during your membership
  • Full Access to the Grant Directory during your membership
  • Activate an unlimited number of ‘Special Deals’ that your business might offer our Business members in your area.
  • Opportunity to co-develop content and be featured on the sixty:forty platform and in associated properties
  • Opportunity to submit premium content for blogs and webinars
  • Opportunity to speak at sixty:forty sessions to provide direct industry advice and information.

You might not be familiar with some of these things just yet, but trust us when we say – that this can be a major game-changer for you and your business in the coming year!

As an extra special bonus you will also get one of the flagship Courses, The 3CS Initiative – which is built especially for small business owners helping them to identify the areas in their business where they can make major improvements for minimal cost and time, all in just 90 days  – designed to help you really start getting back control over your business and your life.

PLUS:  Bonus ticket for two people to attend our 2021 Small Business Planning Day which will be held on the Gold Coast, Australia (or virtually) in late November 2020. This is THE event where you get to work on your business goals for the new year – so eliminate the distractions, shake off 2020 and truly take control in 2021!

That’s right – this is a Founding Members Launch special – you will get:


The 3CS Initiative - Value $1,997

90 days to get your business in shape. This 90 Day Faststart gets you on the path to being crystal clear about what you want your business to do for you, plus look at a number of foundation issues which will mean that you can map out the EXACT next steps to take in your journey.


Our ‘In the Zone’ Membership - Value $3,564

Our ‘In the Zone’ Membership plan that gets you access to our premium membership which includes monthly projects, priority support and access to Opportunities and Projects. Priced at $297 per month.


Put an end to distractions that get you nowhere - Value Priceless!

Your In the Zone membership gets you access to one business project each month. Built around a quarterly theme, these business projects include a workshop, followed by a group Office Hours so that you get all of your important questions answered and access to a mastermind of fellow members and the sixty:forty team. This focused training combined with group coaching and masterminds means that you remove obstacles and get projects done so that you can keep moving your business forward …. each and every month!


Be surrounded by success minded winners - Value Priceless!

Get to spend planning days with other growth-minded, REAL business owners and entrepreneurs who use the sixty:forty principles. You’ll be inspired by the willingness of members in the group to share their experiences and help you in your business.

Founding Member Special

If you were to pay for this on our normal pricing this is over $5,561 in cost but for today you get it all for only $1997 up front

OR $497 up front plus $149 each month for the next 12 months

* At the end of the 12 months, membership prices will revert to normal pricing.

Let us welcome you to the future of small business ….

Looking for even more info?

Our framework is built on the 9 Factors of Business, with a focus on the four keys of business – Cash, Capacity, Clients & Strategy.

Let me ask you three questions:

  1. In your business, what would you really like to be doing?
  2. What’s your ideal day?
  3. How much money would you be making?

Now imagine … running your business so efficiently so that your picture of the ideal day becomes your reality.  What would that feel like for you? What will having that get for you or allow you to do?

There’s no better time than now ….  Let’s make that happen!

We strongly believe in our vision which is to create empowered small business owners. Our mission is to create a world where people successfully start, build, manage and grow their small business in a way that leads to a meaningful and prosperous life for themselves and families, their team members & the wider community

Our method is through education, opportunity and community.

Let us build great small businesses together.

Why can we make these statements?

We have both owned and operated our own businesses for well over 15 years each and have worked in our own industries for 20 years plus. We each have our own specialities – Sheree’s is with finance and operations and Spencer’s is with branding and marketing.

Rounding out our team, we have Mark ‘Henry’ Lawson of Lead Loud who is a specialist leadership and risk management consultant.

In addition to the sixty:forty leadership team, we also have a number of faculty members who bring with them a wealth of experience from their respective industries and fields. 


Sheree Cusack

Sheree Cusack


Spencer Toogood

Spencer Toogood


As small business owners ourselves, we have built sixty:forty to be FOR small business owners.

Come and try it for yourself.

Your investment is fully guaranteed

Obviously I can’t guarantee your success. No one can.

But here’s what we will do for you.

I can guarantee that you’ll get enough value in the first 30 days, alone, to more than cover your investment for the rest of the year. 

I’m not sure how, but I know it will happen.

It could happen in your third week where you start to get your tech together. Or it might be the fourth week where you find five hours every week and start to take control of your time.  Or maybe you’ll get a critical question answered on your very first coaching call that breaks through a major barrier. Or maybe you’ll gain early access to one of our proven Action Plans, and that’s what covers your investment. 

Truly, I don’t know what it will be, because there are so many ways you can win. But I’m so confident that your investment will be covered in the first 30 days that I’ll refund every cent if it doesn’t happen.

In other words, you risk nothing.

Either your investment is covered in 30 days, or you cancel and pay nothing. It’s as simple as that.

You have nothing to lose, and so, so much to gain.

So join today, and together we’ll build and implement a plan to get you on the path to double your net profit and halve your time working IN the business. Let’s get started…